mislpronzaya (mislpronzaya) wrote,

Мила Йовович

Нету Бога для собак!

The Alien Song
Milla Jovovich 1994

I see a shining....
A sweeping from the clouds
A glimmer of hope
Is coming to feel our light
Oh look it's flashing
This life among the stars
Reaching out to know us
To feel our might
Oh... this restless hope in you
Please... try and help us
Stand on our own
As we stopped on this pavement
And saw your dying mind
Paper, for which you're killing brothers life
Help you, we cannot trust you
We cannot understand
Your people's proud destruction
Of their own land
Oh... we're flying on from you
We... will not stay to see your fate
Watch them fly away
Watch them fly away
See the lines across the sky
Watch them fly... away
Songwriters: Milla Jovovich
Tags: музыка

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