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Деревянные Деньги

потырено у 1649a вот тута - чтобы не забыть порасследовать на досуге.

1- Alpbeilen from Alp Blattiberg (Lauenen BE), 1786/1815. Front: name of entitled person, reverse: notches for cow rights. For this alp, there are 87 cow rights divided among 23 owners.
2- Alpbeilen from Alp Hinterschneit (Saanen BE), 1778
3- Alpbeilen from Alp Langenlauenen (Lauenen BE), 1754/1792/1823
4- Krapfentesseln and reconstructed matching tally ("Beitessel"). The notches indicate cow rights and both pieces (one held by the farmer, the other by the alp corporation) have to correspond for the tally to be valid.
5- Box for beitesseln, 1766
6- Double tessel from Alp Blümatt (Turtmann VS), 1893
7- Schaftesseln from Visperterminen VS, before 1913. The marking on the leather ears correspond to marking on the real sheep's ears.
8- Leather schafbeilen from Lourtier (Bagnes VS), before 1916, identity marks for sheep.
9- Schafbeilen from Grindelwald BE, before 1916
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