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Сколько стоит лошадь


In the west US it was possible to buy a horse for as little as $10, but a decent riding equine cost around $150,
with a range of $120 (1861) to $185 (1865). A pack horse for the Oregon Trail cost $25 in the US in 1850, but a riding horse would run you $75. A saddle with saddle bags cost $25 in 1850, a horse blanket $2, and hay only cost 4 cents a kilo.
To give you an idea of cost adjusted for inflation, in 1850 a production worker earned 6 cents an hour, and by 1860 this wage had zoomed to 8 cents an hour. So to earn the price of a ten dollar horse, a production worker in 1850 would have to work for 167 hours (figure a 10 hour day, that's more than 2 weeks).

What Did Things Cost in 1872? США
On average, horses cost $60, pigs $5, milking cows just over $20, and goats only $2.
A farm worker earned $23 per month, a place to sleep, and meals.

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