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UPDATE Trump has not conceded, he is fighting from a secure location and sending signals

от 8 января - 10 января
We have lots of new intel on the situation today. Trump is in a secure location, protected by loyal military units, and is fighting to expose the deep state traitors. This is why Pelosi is going insane trying to remove Trump from office by force, as quickly as possible. She knows what he's about to do.
Most patriots have thrown in the towel and incorrectly assumed that Trump conceded. He did not. He merely wanted to create the illusion that he conceded in order to delay the threat of dirty bombs against America.
In today's Situation Update, I reveal the latest intel on what Trump is actually doing in his fight to save the republic. It's now a race against time between Pelosi and the globalists vs. Trump and the patriots. We don't know the final outcome, but we're not out of the fight yet.

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