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The prosecutor accuses him, along with one of his collaborators, # of a crime of fraud and another on historical heritage for causing «damage» in 476 archaeological pieces

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Vitoria 2 NOV 2010
Judge Yolanda Varona has dismissed the lawsuit filed before the Court of First Instance Number 1 of Vitoria for the legal representation of the company Lurmen, as well as Eliseo Gil and Idoya Filloy, against EL PAÍS for information published in this newspaper last 13 June, related to archaeological works in Iruña-Veleia. In its resolution, the judge acquits the author of the report and the director of the newspaper in the Basque Country and charges the costs to the plaintiff. An appeal can still be filed against this resolution within five days of the signing of the sentence, on October 26.
The plaintiffs demanded a rectification by EL PAÍS of the content of the published report on the work that Lurmen and the technicians Gil and Filloy had deployed in Iruña-Veleia prior to the incorporation of a team of archaeologists from the University of the Basque Country, after the controversy unleashed by his works. In turn, his lawyer, Francisco Javier Martínez de San Vicente, intended that the costs be imposed on the defendant.
At the oral hearing, the newspaper's defense alleged that the rectification did not conform to the provisions of Organic Law 2/1984, as well as that it was incorrectly formulated and tripled the regulated extension.
The ruling reminds us that "we are not faced with an action of interference with the rights of honor". At the same time, it is stated that "the rectification cannot be established as a sanction of information that manifests itself with falsehood or defamation, because for this there is the criminal or civil protection of the right to honor, personal and family privacy and own image ".
The judgment emphasizes that in the intended rectification "it is not about informing but that it intends to explain what it considers not exact data, the writing being a value judgment, making fundamentally comments". Even, he emphasizes, that if these inappropriate value judgments were suppressed, it would leave the rectification document "without content."
* This article appeared in the print edition of Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Elisha Gil

The authenticity of the findings was soon questioned by the Diputación de Álava and multiple archaeologists and philologists, which led the Diputación to denounce Gil and his company, producing a great scandal . In 2018, the Araba Provincial Court confirmed the existence of sufficient crime evidence to judge Eliseo Gil, a partner and a worker for alleged fraud and damages

Controversy on the epigraphic findings of Iruña-Veleia in 2006
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